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Something Happened On The Way To The Memorial

Something Happened On The Way To The Memorial

As you read this it’s officially 11 September, 2021, a full two decades after that fateful day in 2001 when the world changed. I expected to spend this year as I have years past, stoically grieving for our dead and vowing to never let it happen again.

But something happened as I made my journey to that place. Once again, America has been caught asleep at the wheel. But unlike in 2001 when we pulled together and screamed vengeance, our nation’s leadership gave it all away, abandoning not only our allies, but our citizens as well, to an enemy we have fought for 20 years. Worse yet, our President signaled to the rest of the world that the United States isn’t a leader to be respected, but rather a fair weather friend who will quit on you.

Afghanistan is once again ruled by a den of rogues, who will harbor terrorists. Worse yet, we armed them with everything from small arms to attack aircraft. Could you ever imagine Islamic terrorists trading in their AKs for M4 carbines? It’s happened, courtesy of the Biden administration. While most of the sophisticated stuff will be sold off, it will be to our enemies and the proceeds used to fund additional terror across the region and eventually, back here at home. We will pay for Biden’s failure for decades.

There will be no accountability. There will be no effort to regain our stature. Not until we wake up and restore proper leadership at home. Elections have consequences. Our chickens have come home to roost.

Over the next day, we here at SSD will memorialize the events of September 11, 2001. I pray that we never suffer a day like that again.

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