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Wndsn Explorer’s Notebook – Soldier Systems Daily

Wndsn Applied Sciences Lab is excited to announce our first adventures into stationery, with the Wndsn Explorer’s Notebook.

Calculations only become real when written down, and for years you, our passionate Telemeter and Quadrant users, have had to go without a dedicated Wndsn notebook to capture your most necessary computations.

The Wndsn Explorer’s Notebook is a one-of-a-kind addition to the stationery marketspace. This pocket notebook is designed for easy portability, durability, and pleasure of writing, and comes with several unique features.

There are so many details that we are so excited to have you experience for yourself. First you will notice the 40 pages of dot grid paper, designed for ease of writing, drawing, and calculation notation. However, it comes with a twist. The right page maintains a conventional square grid, while the left page is an isometric grid. Held right side up, the grid lines flow from one page to another; the user’s writing will be seamless. By turning the notebook 90 degrees the isometric grid is ready for 3D drawings.

By now you know we love our fountain pens and the experience of writing on good paper. What sets this pocket notebook apart from others on the market is the Swedish Munken Pure 120g/m² (32 lb) paper. Munken Pure is lush, thick, and able to take the flowiest of fountain pens.

And as always, there are nomograms. In the back of the notebook you will find a compendium of useful scientific guides including a Sine Quadrant and our Moon Clock plus 18 conversion nomograms for all of your mathematical and exploratory needs. There’s even a Telemeter on the back cover!

The Wndsn Explorer’s Notebook is now in stock and ready to be filled with all of your notes, thoughts, calculations, drafts, bujo items and grocery lists.

• 40 pages of conventional and isometric dot grid paper
• The left page is an isometric dot grid, and the right is a standard square dot grid
• Size: 3.5″ x 5.5″ (89 x 140 mm)
• Packaged in bundles of 3
• 18 conversion nomograms: angle (deg/time), speed (kn/ms/mph/kmh), temperature (f/c), mass (lbs/kg/oz), volume (gal/l/qt/pt), length (in/cm, m/yd/ft, km/mi/nm)
• Sine Quadrant
• Moon clock
• Inside pages printed on Swedish Munken Pure 120g/m² (32 lb)
• Cover made with Fedrigoni Sirio Black 290g/m² (107 lb)
• Front cover: Polaris pentagon embossed
• Back cover: 10° Telemeter with instructions
• Supplemental flyer with best practices for note taking, and use of features

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