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Bike Program Helps Veterans With Chronic Pain Maintain Active Lifestyle

Health remains a priority for veterans, but chronic pain hinders many of them from getting the exercise they need.

While bicycle riding is a great way to maintain an active lifestyle, some are unable to ride a regular bike without their pain worsening.

Veterans that want to stay active but have chronic pain have been trying to figure out a way to maintain their activity….

Posted by WSBT-TV on Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Luckily, the St. Joseph County VA Clinic has stepped in to help. Their ‘Mobility Clinic’ is giving veterans a chance to be physically active again in a way that won’t cause them more pain.

“They can’t use a regular bike because of balance issues or back issues or other issues that keep them from using a regular bike, so we wanted to try out a bunch of recumbent bikes,” Vincent Campbell, Mobility Clinic Program Manager, told WSBT. “We have about 20 different bikes that will be coming in.”

Photo: Flickr/Port of San Diego

The bikes come in all different styles, shapes and sizes, and have different pedals and seats. The veterans get to try out the equipment and see which type works best for them.

Since these veterans can no longer do the things they used to due to injury, they are extremely happy that a program like this has been created for them. Many are taking advantage of it and have already seen a difference.

Photo: Flickr/Jacque Myers

“We’re seeing weight loss, cardiovascular increase, mobility, less falls, we’re seeing guys that have gotten bikes at the other clinics that we’ve done are actually a lot more mobile and recording that they can get around a lot better,” Campbell said.

Photo: Flickr/Milwaukee VA Medical Center

Not only is bike riding good for their physical health, but it is very beneficial for their mental health as well.

If you are interested in learning more about these adaptive bicycles, you may contact the St. Joe County VA at 574-272-9000.

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