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Dog With Cancer Reunites With Military Dad After Deployment

When a dog is separated from its owner, even if just for a couple of days, it can feel like an eternity apart. For a dogfighting cancer, the time apart from his human felt even longer.

Harvey’s dad was serving on deployment in the military for the UK for a period of time, and Harvey could only dream of the day he’d see him again.

The pup had developed visible tumors two to three years beforehand, but had just recently been officially diagnosed with cancer.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Pharaoh Hound

Anyone who’s been through such a diagnosis knows how painful it can be. Treatments are costly and sometimes the disease is caught too late.

Thankfully, Harvey didn’t have to go through the diagnosis alone. While his dad was on deployment, the dog still had other family members at home to look after him and shower him in love.

Photo: YouTube/Caters Clips

And it wasn’t long before the day came that his dad would finally come home.

Their reunion was captured on camera and it’s so sweet! In the video, you can see Harvey patiently waiting at the door. As soon as he’s let outside, he darts out and is greeted by his dad!

Photo: YouTube/Caters Clips
Photo: YouTube/Caters Clips

The dog is visibly ecstatic and doesn’t seem to know what to do. He runs back and forth and gives his dad plenty of kisses.

According to Caters Clips, Harvey had an operation to remove the tumors and his family is waiting to hear back about the results. We can only hope the best for this loving dog and his family!

Watch the reunion clip below:

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