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General Dynamics to unveil new class of robotic combat vehicles at AUSA

General Dynamics Land Systems will for the first time unveil its new family of medium-class robotic combat vehicles at the Association of the U.S. Army’s annual conference.

According to a recent company news release, General Dynamics took the opportunity at the AUSA to unveil its latest Robotic Combat Vehicle-Medium (RCV-M) class.

The robotic combat vehicles have a new, modular open architecture that features scalable hardware and software for next-generation capabilities.


The Katalyst Next Generation Electronic Architecture (NGEA) significantly improves warfighter effectiveness via enhanced mobility (obstacle avoidance, path planning); lethality (object detection, object identification/recognition, automated target prioritization) and survivability/reconnaissance (360-degree situational awareness, see-through armor, terrain analysis).

Katalyst NGEA provides core capabilities such as computing, sensor fusion and processing, and power management and distribution. It also provides unparalleled performance and size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) to support evolving needs.

As part of the Robotic Combat Vehicle-Medium (RCV-M) will be showed the new combat drone and Tracked Robot 10-ton (TRX) vehicle features innovative thinking, ranging from its AI-enhanced design to advanced, lightweight materials and a hybrid-electric propulsion system.

As noted by the company, TRX sets a new best-in-class payload capacity to accommodate any mission equipment package. TRX’s power and size make it an ideal platform for multirole MUM-T on today’s battlefield.

TRX is positioned to provide superior performance as an enabling technology in a myriad of battlefield roles, including direct and indirect fire, autonomous resupply, complex obstacle breaching, counter-unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS), electronic warfare (EW) and reconnaissance.

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