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Fort Hood Soldiers Are Honored After They Saved Their Comrade’s Life

A soldier is alive today thanks to three Ford Hood soldiers who were recently given a life-saving award by the Bell’s County Sheriff’s Office.

Stephen Gulczynski and two of his comrades received a call from Bell County Sheriff deputies after they were unable to convince a soldier to come down from a ledge at Stillhouse Hollow Lake.

Photo: Facebook/Bell County Sheriff’s Dept

The three Fort Hood soldiers quickly arrived on scene to help. Gulczynski immediately called his comrade while he was still on the edge, and kept telling him to think of his kids and family.

“I was just begging him not to do it,” Gulczynski told KWTX.

Gulczynski and his fellow soldiers continued talking to their comrade until they thankfully managed to talk him down from the ledge.

Photo: Facebook/Bell County Sheriff’s Dept

Christopher Wilcox credits the three men for saving their friend’s life, and says if it weren’t for them, the outcome could have been much worse.

“When the other three NCO’s showed up, their background and their friendship with him helped to establish a rapport that I don’t think I could have ever established in the time frame that I had,” he told KWTX.

Photo: Facebook/Bell County Sheriff’s Dept

Three months later, Gulczynski, along with Corey Clark Jr. and Nicholas Ketch, were recognized for their courageous efforts and were given an award.

While they felt blessed to receive this honor, they are just relieved that their comrade is alive.

“That’s all that really matters,” Clark Jr. said.

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