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Officer Saves 3-Year-Old Boy Hiding In Bed From House Fire

Bodycam footage captured the moment a Sheriff’s Deputy Officer ran into a burning building and saved a 3-year-old boy who’d taken refuge from the smoke under some blankets.

According to a statement provided by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, the incident happened in Flagler County, Florida, when a neighbor called 911 to report flames coming from a house.

Deputy Dawson was one of the first to arrive on the scene and got there before the fire crews arrived. In his body cam footage, you can see him approaching a neighbor and asking about the situation.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The neighbor explained that he saw flames coming from the kitchen of the house, and there are usually three people who live there. He said he saw the family get in their car and drive away shortly before the fire started so he didn’t think anyone was home.

Deputy Dawson ran towards the burning house to further investigate and it appeared the house was vacant, but it was quickly filling with smoke. After running to the back of the house, the sound of a dog barking could be heard and that’s when Deputy Dawson decided to enter the house and free the pet – and it’s a good thing he did!

Photo: YouTube/Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

After entering the patio, “DFC Dawson observed movement in the bed of the master bedroom and as he got close, he observed a toddler under the blankets hiding from the smoke.” Dawson rushed to the child and got him safely out of the house. Thankfully, the child was medically evaluated and cleared on the scene.

Law enforcement was able to contact the father of the toddler after the rescue took place, and they discovered the toddler had been initially left at the home under the care of his 17-year-old stepbrother. The stepbrother ended up leaving the residence without saying anything and left the toddler home alone shortly before the fire started.

What could’ve ended in tragedy has a happy ending all thanks to Deputy Dawson and his heroic actions.

Watch his body cam footage below:

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