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Video emerges of Chinese J-10 fighter jet crashing into river

A J-10 fighter jet of the Peoples Liberation Army Air Force ditched in the frigid waters of the Jialu River in Henan province, and it was all caught on video.

The J-10S two-seater fighter jet reportedly came down on 22 October.

According to a video circulating on Chinese social media, both pilots ejected safely and sustained only minor injuries.


Members of a Taiwan military enthusiast social network group identified the location as a site 1.2 kilometers from the Zhengzhou Matougang Airport runway.

The J-10 is China’s indigenously built multirole fighter aircraft developed by the Chengdu Aircraft Industry.

China formally announced the J-10 in February 2007. The existence of the J-10 was first reported in 1994, but the J-10 program was started in 1988 and the first flight of the single-seat aircraft took place in 1998. A two-seater variant made its first flight in 2003.

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