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‘Deployed’ Sailor FaceTimes His Kids, Then They Realize He’s Standing In Their Driveway

U.S. Navy Reserves Lt. Cmdr. Spencer Christian and his wife, Stacy, spoke with their kids about their dad having to go away on deployment.

After explaining to them how it works, they asked the kids if they wanted to be surprised whenever it was time for Spencer to come home.

Photo: YouTube/MilitaryKind

Just like most kids, they love surprises, and agreed that they wanted to be surprised, whenever it was time for their dad’s deployment to be over.

But before Spencer left for deployment, they received their own surprise. It turns out that the owner of the house they were renting in Charleston, South Carolina wanted to sell it, so they had to pack up their belongings and unexpectedly move.

Photo: YouTube/MilitaryKind

Thankfully, they already owned a home in Hawaii that they had been renting out, so back to Hawaii they went, where they would await Spencer to return.

When it was time for Spencer to come home, he would now have to return to a different state than the one he left. But he knew he had to plan a surprise for his kids, just like they wanted.

Photo: YouTube/MilitaryKind

He decided to FaceTime his kids, who were so happy to speak with him and see him via video. But little did they know, he was actually standing on the driveway right outside of their house!

As soon as the kids recognized where he was standing in the video, they went outside and ran toward him. The gave him the biggest hug, as they sobbed with tears of joy.

Photo: YouTube/MilitaryKind

This heartwarming surprise was even better than they could’ve imagined, and they are ecstatic to finally be reunited with their dad.

Watch the touching homecoming in the video below:

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