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FirstSpear Friday Focus: Top Gear List from our Team of Veterans

Whether you’re a grunt warring through the suck or a weekend warrior training at the range, the gear that you train with needs to be on point.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, we asked our team of FirstSpear veterans for their favorites— here’s their top seven picks.

1 Woobie Quarter Zip— super warm and not bulky; staying warm in the field is crucial. These woobies are lightweight, moisture-wicking and are designed to keep you from hating life while standing post on cold nights. Whether you’re on the range or hitting the stand for hunting season, the ACM wool lineup is a must have for cold climate.

2 MultiMag Rapid Adjust Pocket— Mission requirements evolve, the rapid-adjust pocket holds everything the mission requires… from magazines to beer cans.

3 Boot Super Sock— Grunts know that blisters and wet feet suck, these merino wool socks keep your feet in the fight.

4 Padded Plate Backer— Wearing armor is never comfortable, these plate backers improve comfort and provide channels for more airflow.

5 Operator Glove— All hail the OG, there is always a trade off when wearing gloves, you lose dexterity and the ability to manipulate equipment and gear. The OG glove offers great dexterity, works with touch screens, and the merino wool is useable in both hot and cold conditions. 

6   Wind Cheater— This iconic all American-made jacket offers great protection from weather elements, looks sharp and is crucial during cold weather. The pit zips keep you cool if you’re out rucking.

7 Hoodlum Hoodie— This is the most comfortable hoodie I’ve owned. It always seems to be the right amount of warmth, be it an early morning garage workout or hike in the spring.

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