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Veteran Suffering From PTSD Adopted Two Rescue Dogs Who Changed His Life

Adjusting to civilian life has been difficult for Scott Kroger, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder.

It was suggested to him that getting a therapy dog might help comfort him, so he went to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to see if they had any dogs who would be a good fit for him and his family.

Photo: YouTube/Best Friends Animal Society

At the shelter, Kroger met several pups, but ended up adopting Summer. They had an instant bond and he knew that Summer would thrive in his home. Even though he loved Summer’s company, he couldn’t stop thinking about another dog he had met at the shelter.

Kroger called up Best Friends to see if that dog, named Piney, was still available. After much though and consideration, Kroger decided to make the eight-hour drive to adopt Piney. Piney was so happy to see Kroger, and he was thrilled that Piney remembered him.

Photo: YouTube/Best Friends Animal Society

Although Piney and Summer haven’t had any prior training as therapy dogs, they are doing an amazing job at helping Kroger feel at ease.

“These two dogs have been life-changing for me,” Kroger told Best Friends. “They’ve made me a completely different person.”

Photo: YouTube/Best Friends Animal Society

Not only has Piney and Summer helped Kroger, but Kroger has changed their lives as well. Now these two shelter dogs have a loving home, where they enjoy playing together, sleeping in their cozy beds, taking trips to the beach, and are living their best life.

It’s hard to tell who rescued who!

Watch their heartwarming story in the video below:

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