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The Navajo-Hopi Riders: Motorcyclists Honoring Native American Veterans

This video will speak for itself. It is about the motorcycle club called the Navajo-Hopi Riders. The narrator of this video appears to be a Canadian First Nations individual who respects and follows the Navajo-Hopi Riders in their various efforts to honor Native American veterans around the country.

Photo: YouTube/Navajo Hopi Honor Riders

This motorcycle club has a specific set of purposes. It is, like all motorcycle clubs, a fraternal group that enjoys the open road and each other’s company, but it is different in its general purposes and in its commitment to service. It exists to honor all Native American veterans, alive and fallen.

Among other things, they attend, escort, and honor the fallen Native Americans who have given their last full measure in service to the country. In doing so, they meet another one of their service goals, to honor and support the Native American Gold Star Families, the families of those fallen brothers- and sisters-in-arms.

Photo: YouTube/Navajo Hopi Honor Riders

If you see them riding around the country, know that they are on a mission, not just a joy ride. As veterans themselves, they are honoring both the warrior traditions of their various Peoples and their brothers and sisters who have taken the oath to “Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” and have followed their ancestors on the warrior trail.

Honor and respect are owed to the Navajo-Hopi Riders and all that they do in honor of those fellow Native Americans who have served, those who have fallen, and their families.

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