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Deployed Airmen Come Home Two Months Early & Surprise Their Families

The holidays are always a joyous time for most, but for families who have loved ones who are deployed in the military, they can feel lonely.

But for these military families, Christmas is about to be a lot merrier!

Thirteen members of the Minnesota National Guard’s 133rd Airlift Wing landed in St. Paul 60 days earlier than expected, surprising their families just in time for Christmas.

Photo: YouTube/KARE 11

The airmen had been stationed in Kuwait since the troop withdrawal in Afghanistan. There, they provided base security and conducted joint training on operations, assisting with evacuating Afghan civilians.

For many of them, including Sgt. Brandon Dahl, it was their longest deployment to date.

Photo: YouTube/KARE 11

A tearful Beth explained how her husband, Sgt. Dahl, had been gone for five long months and that she is so happy to have him back home, especially in time for the holidays.

While Beth knew her husband was coming home early, he has three dogs waiting at home who will be surprised and ecstatic to see their dad again.

Photo: YouTube/KARE 11

Going home early like this is very rare, but the airmen couldn’t be more grateful to see their families again.

Many of the other airmen didn’t tell their families that they were coming home early, so their reunions came as a huge surprise.

Photo: YouTube/KARE 11

There wasn’t a dry eye in the place as family members ran to hug their loved ones who they hadn’t seen in months.

Watch the heartwarming reunions in the video below:

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