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Lt. Harvey Barnum: Marine Hero of Operation Harvest Moon

This video will give you a vision of the reality of combat like no other. It is told from the perspective of the man at the center of the battle in the small village in the Que Son Mountains called Ky Phu. It will have you on the edge of your seat. This is very real.

Lt. Harvey Barnum had only just arrived in Vietnam when he was assigned to go into the field with Hotel Co. 2nd Bn. 9th Marines in support of other Marine and Army units in the Que Son Valley, who were involved in a “search and destroy” operation. He would soon find himself caught in the spiraling whirl of the confusion, noise, and chaos that is the reality of deadly, intense, and maniacal combat.

Photo: Facebook/U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Lt. Barnum’s H. Co, 2/9 unit was walking tail-end-charlie position with the rest of 2/9 up ahead. The enemy had camouflaged themselves so effectively that they caught the entire Marine unit in an ambush scenario.

When the firing began, it was intense, diverse, and very accurate. Within moments, the CO of the 2/9 Marines was hit, as well as the radio operator. It became apparent immediately to Barnum and the young Marines that were looking to him for leadership that he was suddenly going to have to take command of this battlefield situation.

He had only been with these men for four days. He didn’t even know most of their names. And they certainly didn’t know him. All hell had opened up on the 2/9 Marines, and then Lt. Barnum was faced with the responsibilities of leadership in the midst of this hell.

Photo: Facebook/U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Barnum tells the story of what happened that day with both clarity and deep emotion. His explanations of the unfolding realities that he was suddenly presented with are a hair-raising and real account of what the chaos of overwhelming battle is like.

What I think you will come away from this video with is a clearer sense of the immediacy of battle and the equally immediate decisions that have to be made by a leader. You will see Barnum’s decisions and his own awareness of their consequences. Some didn’t work, but others made all of the difference in the outcome for his 2/9 Marines.

Photo: Facebook/U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

This is a harrowing story told by a man who had leadership thrust upon him in the most challenging conditions that could possibly be for a young, newbie-in-country 1st Lieutenant. You will come away with a profound respect for the man, not just for what he did that day, but for his humanity and his sense of his responsibility for every decision he made under those hellish conditions. You will come away with an awareness of the character and the kind of actions that result in being recognized with the highest medal for valor the nation can give, the Medal of Honor.

When you see this video, you will be deeply and emotionally affected, and you will want to shout with every Marine, “OooRah! Marine! Semper Fi!” in honor of Lt. Harvey Barnum. But you will also be very proud of the fact that men like this are among us, both in the field of battle and in society. OooRah!

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