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Truck carrying Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber aircraft involved in crash

A truck carrying a Su-34 Fullback fighter-bomber aircraft has driven off a road in Russia.

The incident reportedly took place in the Saratov region of South-Western Russia, according to a video circulated on Russian social media.

No one was hurt at the crash.


The truck carrying the Su-34 (01 “RED”) ended up in a snow ditch on route to Saratov Military Aviation School.

The Su-34 twin-seat aircraft was developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau Joint Stock Company, Moscow and manufacturing at the Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association at Novosibirsk, Russia.

Based on the Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker air superiority fighter, the Su-34 has an armoured cockpit for side-by-side seating of its two-person crew.

The Su-34 is designed primarily for tactical deployment against ground and naval targets (tactical bombing/attack/interdiction roles, including against small and mobile targets) on solo and group missions in daytime and at night, under favourable and adverse weather conditions and in a hostile environment with counter-fire and electronic warfare (EW) counter-measures deployed, as well as for aerial reconnaissance.

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