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Lost Veteran Finds Kindness In A Family Restaurant

There is something about a family restaurant that really makes visiting a wonderful experience.

It’s a great place to get warmed up from the cold, to get a great meal, and to experience a little down-home hospitality.

Apparently, it’s also a great place to be if you happen to be lost.

Photo: flickr/David Wilson

That is what one elderly veteran experienced when he wandered into a family restaurant in West Virginia.

When people began to recognize that the man was confused and lost, it wasn’t long before he started getting some help.

Photo: Pixabay/StockSnap

The people at the restaurant were more than happy to assist him but the picture from Mike Forte is what really captured people’s attention.

He took the picture of a police officer sitting and talking with the elderly gentleman. He also shared the story on Facebook, and it went viral:

He said:

“A heart-warming Christmas story:

An elderly man wandered into the Boston Beanery Restaurant in Morgantown this evening. Sensing something was wrong, the host summoned owner Angie Way Blankenship. She asked him if he was here with someone or how he got here, but he could not remember. She asked if he knew his name and he said ‘Of course I know my name!’ But he couldn’t answer her.

The Beanery gave him a meal and a soft drink. A Morgantown Police officer came to assist and sat with the man for over an hour, eventually finding out that he had a son (the officer contacted) and that he would come to pick him up.

I wish we would hear more stories like this in the media about the kindness of our local businesses and especially about our dedicated local police officers!

His son did arrive and took him safely home.”

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