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Zero Confusion: M150 RCO – Soldier Systems Daily

We’ve run into Soldiers with a couple different ideas about how to properly zero the Rifle Combat Optic: Which reticle aiming point is used? Tip of chevron, or tip of post?

Once, again, the answer is found by looking at Army references. For a complete answer to this question, we need to dig into the RCO TM 9-1240-416-13&P and Task Report 071-705-0008, “Zero the M150 Rifle Combat Optic (RCO) on a M16 Series Rifle or M4 Series Carbine.”

RCO TM, Work Package 5, page 5-25:

“Aiming Point. At 25 m, the point of the aim using the tip of the 300-meter aiming point is center mass (Figure 11).”

NOTE: A proper ballistic offset is still required at 25m. Your zeroing group must strike 1.5 MOA below the 300m point of aim, for a correct 300m zero conducted at 25m. Each square on the A8 25m target is 1 MOA.

Meanwhile, the zeroing Task Report, Figures 2 & 3 say:

“Use tip of chevron for POA/POI fix zeroing at 100 meters”

“Use tip of 300m post for POA/POI zeroing at 25 meters”

NOTE: When using the tip of chevron for zeroing at 100m, NO ballistic offset is required. The zeroing group must strike at the same 100m point of aim.

There’s a time and place for either solution, but you must understand when, where, and how to use each one.

– SSG Ian Tashima, CAARNG Asst State Marksmanship Coordinator

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