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SOTECH Celebrates 25 years Presenting New Products and a New Look at SHOT Show 2022

SOTECH Celebrates 25 years Presenting New Products and a New Look at SHOT Show 2022

Recently SOTECH started to bring back some of its most impactful products in new camos and enhanced designs distributing them in weekly drops. Sensing an interest our history of gear innovation, SOTECH is using this vehicle to develop homage pieces and modernizations from the early days of our 25 year history.

Always evolving with input from the field, SOTECH is expanding the Cobra Pack line by adding the Mini Cobra, Micro Cobra and Sustainment Pack Cobras.  The micro and mini are a medical dangler and a butt pack that can both top open and splay open like the larger 3 Cobra Packs. Working with Special Forces Medics and members of the Army Airborne community, we added two sustainment side packs to give the medic extended range and duration of operation.

SOTECH is also displaying its medical micro pack in a Dyneema variant with carbon fiber inserts. The Micro came from a request 5 years ago from a Ranger medic named Mac who wanted to split the flat med pack into a micro pack and either a MARCH belt or fanny pack.

Respecting the calls for us to reintroduce our h-harnesses and belts, we wanted to honor our beginnings by doing a reboot of an ALICE Pack predecessor – the ARVN Ranger Pack, a favorite of MACV-SOG and other SOF units. At a base level, this is a hat tip to our early days modifying ALICE packs, but its much more significant than that.  SOTECH started in a time when we were issued the same tired designs that barely evolved from World War Two through Korea and Vietnam and into the Cold War of the 80’s. There was a creativity born from lessons from the field, and a handful of innovators started companies to modify and then create alternatives.  In this vein, we took the day pack version of what would become the ALICE and modernized and modified the design with Tegris and improved cuts (the pack was designed for small-framed Vietnamese soldiers). The result is an EDC pack that takes you back to your days in BDUs every time you cinch that ribbed web through those metal tabler buckles.

The Special Forces Association will be meeting in SOTECH’s booth (20059) at SHOT Show. If you are an SFA member or are Army Special Forces Qualified or have made a significant contribution to the Special Forces Regiment, stop by booth 20059 and meet SFA President Kevin Harry and his SFA leadership team on Wednesday and Thursday from noon until 1pm. SFA members walking the show are welcome to drop by booth 20059 for waters and munchies and a rest stop.

In the new SHOT Show floor layout, SOTECH came out on top! Our booth is located at the first entrance door on the hallway coming in from the Venetian Casino. Take the first right you see when you come in, walk through that door and you are staring at Booth 20059.
See you at SHOT!

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