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Russia deployed its newest tank destroyers to Belarus

Russian tracked combat vehicles with a multi-round launcher for Kornet anti-tank guided missiles spotted on trains in Belarus, only 30 km near the border with Ukraine.

The modified vehicles, which is the anti-tank missile carrier variant of the BMP-3, were spotted in Gomel, on trains moving Russian troops and artillery to the country for a potential attack on Ukraine.

The new anti-tank missile carrier is called 9P162 Kornet-T and is designed to use against modern main battle tanks (MBTs), armoured personal carriers (APCs), bunkers, cannons and artillery systems.


The anti-tank system is based on the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle chassis.

Photo by Alexey Ivanov

The Kornet-T is fitted with an automatic loader. A total of 16 Kornet missiles are carried by the vehicle. 12 missiles are stored in the autoloader and 4 more are stored inside the hull. This missile carrier has two launchers. Both missiles can be launched against the same target. Vehicle can also engage two targets simultaneously.

During movement, both launches are retracted inside the hull.

Photo by Alexey Ivanov

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