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Russian tanks stuck in the mud during full-scale military attack on Ukraine

Russian troops and tanks encountered heavy resistance from the Ukrainian army along with severe logistical problems and weather conditions.

More than a dozen photos and videos have been published on social media with modern Russian combat vehicles that were hit by the Ukrainian military or simply stuck in the mud.

The most modern Russian tank also did not escape the fate of its colleagues and was captured by Ukrainian soil and mud. He, along with other military vehicles, got stuck near Sumy in northern Ukraine and was captured by the Ukrainian military.


Other types of Russian tanks, including the upgraded T-72B3, are no exception.

Just last week, we reported that over a dozen main battle tanks were stuck in deep mud during military exercises led by the Russian army in the south of the country.

The video, posted by Liveuamap, was allegedly taken at a military range near the Ukrainian border in the Rostov region. It shows at least a dozen tanks in deep mud and a man in civilian clothing who, with the help of an excavator, is trying to pull out one of the combat vehicles.

Apparently, this also was one of the last modifications of the T-72 tank with additional ERA “bags”, called the T-72B3.

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