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Ukraine’s army destroys Russian rare tracked carrier vehicle

Militarnyi news agency released footage showing a charred Russian DT-30 articulating tracked vehicle, manufactured by Ishimbai Transport Machine-Building Plant (Ishimbaitransmash), in the Kharkiv region.

According to Militarnyi, Ukrainian Soldiers strike at the Russian military and destroy their equipment in Kharkiv region, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

During one of the raids, a rare Russian DT-30 Vityaz articulating tracked vehicle was destroyed.


The DT-30 Vityaz are widely used by Russian troops deployed in challenging environmental regions, on islands (for transporting army elements, ammunition, equipment, FOLs and installation of weapon systems). Because of low ground pressure, the vehicle is theoretically immune to certain types of AT mines.

Vityazs transporters are very efficient as part of search and rescue teams operating in extreme conditions (bad roads, floods, snow-drifts, land and snow slides and large-scale destruction) when it is necessary to evacuate people, animals, and various cargoes up to 30 ton by weight, or transport rescue teams, medical personnel, various equipment and food to the affected area.


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