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Ukraine to get more German-made anti-armour weapon systems

Ukraine’s Armed Forces will receive more anti-armour weapon systems from Germany, according to the Milirarnyi

On March 29, Milirarnyi reported that the Ukrainian Army will soon receive German Wirkmittel RGW90 multi-purpose shoulder-launched weapons, also known as MATADOR.

The German Ministry of Economy agreed on a request for export to Ukraine on March 18, and the weapon has already left the Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH’s warehouses, according to a report.


The modern MATADOR weapon uses a 90mm warhead, being operable from very short range (20m) up to double the current combat effective range of comparable weapons, reaching up to 1,200 meters.

Photo by Jonas Weber

The MATADOR’s projectile is claimed to be insensitive to wind due to its propulsion system, which results in a highly accurate weapon system.

Dynamit Nobel Defence says the MATADOR family is the infantryman´s ultimate set of instruments for winning on a complex battlefield.

As noted by the company, it´s a complete toolbox of shoulder-launched infantry weapon systems giving dismounted forces the edge over any opponent – in all operational scenarios and climatic environments.

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