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Kimber Donates Handguns and Rifles to Ukraine

Kimber Donates Handguns and Rifles to Ukraine

TROY, AL, March 30, 2022 — Kimber Mfg., Inc. donated 200 handguns and 20 rifles to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces of Ukraine, to bolster their capabilities in this time of conflict.

Throughout this conflict, the Ukrainian people have inspired the world with their courage and determination, which inspired the Kimber team to find a way to help. Kimber answered by providing 200 R7 Mako 9mm subcompact pistols with 800 extra 13-round magazines, 10 Advanced Tactical rifles in .308 Win., and 10 bolt-action rifles in .308 Win. Each rifle contains 2 magazines and a matched replacement firing pin assembly.

Mission First Tactical (MFT) donated holsters for the R7 Mako pistols and Tactical Rifle Cases. In addition, MFT also donated 3,300 AR-15 magazines and 1,000 AR-10 magazines.

Leupold & Stevens, Inc. (Leupold) donated 20 Mark 4 LR/T 3.5-10×40 rifle scopes, which were paired and installed on each of the 20 Kimber rifles.

“The people of Ukraine are enduring tremendous hardships and are in need of support from around the world,” said Leslie Edelman, Kimber owner and CEO. “Kimber is honored to play a part in providing this much-needed assistance with the donation of these firearms and accessories. Our hearts and prayers go out to the courageous people who will be using them to defend their freedom and nation.”

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