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RAMPART Announces Acquisition of XION Protective Gear’s PPE Division

RAMPART Announces Acquisition of XION Protective Gear’s PPE Division

OTTAWA – April 8th, 2022 – RAMPART International Corp, a leading supplier of operational equipment to Law Enforcement and Military end users, is proud to announce the completed acquisition of the Xion Protective Gear PPE line from Xion Protective Gear.

Xion Protective Gear PPE was established in 2006. Their PPE line of protective base layers can be worn comfortably underneath any uniform or workwear and will protect the user from blunt trauma impact through impact protection technology from D3O®.

From Mike Klein, the founder and President of RAMPART; “The acquisition of the Xion PPE line will allow us to focus on growing the global market for the unique PPE offering, develop generational improvements using new materials and identify new applications for the products”.

RAMPART will be employing its considerable experience and industry presence to offer the product line to customers globally.

While the acquisition is a new change, Rampart and Xion Protective Gear PPE have had a long-standing relationship. “We have been working with RAMPART for many years and are convinced they are the right partner to entrust the future of the Xion PPE branch to in its road to maturity.” wrote Simon Van Lammeren, Managing Director of Xion Protective Gear.

Xion PPE is RAMPART’s first acquisition, Klein commented “Understanding the real-world needs of our customers has been a large part of what has driven Rampart’s success. It will be an exciting opportunity to bring that knowledge directly into the manufacturing process.”

The companies started the process of merging operations and client support logistics in Q1 2022. Going forward Xion Protective Gear PPE will operate singularly under the Rampart company.

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