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Non-profit Task Force Antal is soliciting funds to help them in their work to US Citizens, Ukrainian American families, vulnerable Ukrainians and third-country citizens are safe until they can find passage out of Ukraine to escape the Russian invasion.

Led by Christine and Mark Antal, TF Antal’s team of former Tier 1 Operators is made up of men and women with 20+ years of experience from around the world. The team comprises experts in intelligence, medical, logistics, air, case officers, human intel, trauma and case managers for evacuees, data managers, and legal professionals.

Previously, TF Antal successfully managed the safe evacuation of over 1,400 American Citizens, legal permanent residents in Afghanistan with Special Immigrant Visa, including several high-value assets, with heightened security profiles.

Donations are used to:

• Provide safe housing, food, medical supplies, and other basic needs for evacuees and those still in Ukraine. This includes the shipping costs associated with the speedy transfer of these supplies from the US to Ukraine

• Evacuation assistance from Ukraine by paid professionals

• Coordinate and support operations as the TF Antal team navigates the day-to-day hazards of assisting families to safely leave Ukraine

• Safe relocation of a Ukrainian orphanage to neutral territory

• Moving forward: rebuilding of hospitals, clinics, homes, and other pieces of key infrastructure in Ukraine

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