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Russia’s specialized armored personnel carrier was destroyed in Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiers inspected damaged Russian military vehicles after fighting in the Chernihiv region and found a rare heavy armored personnel carrier.

Soldiers discovered charred remains of the Russian-made, specialized BMO-T armored personnel carrier. It is a rare combat vehicle designed to carry troops armed with shoulder-fired RPO-A launchers (disposable rocket-assisted flamethrowers).

Russian news outlets reported that the BMO-T armored personnel carrier was adopted by the Russian Army in 2001, however it is not produced in quantity. These combat vehicles are built in very small numbers.


The BMO-T is based on the Soviet-are T-72 main battle tank chassis. The vehicle has similar protection as the T-72.

The design of the BMO-T is similar to the Israeli development Achzarit. The vehicle provides protected mobility of infantrymen and can be operated along with a well-armoured modern main battle tank (MBT) force.

The 44 tonnes vehicle can withstand both shaped-charges and armor-piercing projectiles which would destroy conventional IFVs.

The BMO-T has a crew of two, including a commander and driver and provides accommodation for a section of seven soldiers. Troops dismount through the roof or rear hatches.

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