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Russia uses advanced camouflage to hide their Iskanders from Ukrainian drones

Russian troops are using advanced camouflage systems to conceal their Iskander short-range ballistic missiles from Ukranian drones.

Russia’s state-owned RIA Novosti shared Tuesday footage showing Iskander launchers close to the frontier, within range of many critical military targets within the Kharkiv region.

All of Iskander’s vehicles were equipped with multi-spectral camouflage with counter-surveillance techniques to reduce the risk of detection by Ukrainian reconnaissance and strike drones on the battlefield. These camouflage systems can reduce the amount of heat given off by an object, and alter the shape and size of its visual or radar signature.


The advanced camouflage system reportedly provides stealth capability in the visual, near-infrared, thermal infrared and broadband radar wavebands, dimming sensors, obscures targeting and fooling smart ammunition and giving a tactical and operational advantage.

The Ukrainian Army is actively using drones on the battlefield, which has contributed to slowing the Russian advance.

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