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Germany sends Ukraine more weapons

The German newspaper Spiegel recently reported that Ukraine has received a new batch of weapons from Berlin.

According to information recently obtained by Spiegel, 2,450 RGW 90 anti-tank weapon systems, 1,600 DM22 off-route anti-tank mines and 3,000 DM31 anti-tank mines have arrived in Ukraine in the past two weeks.

Ukraine had ordered and paid for the RGW 90 man-portable anti-armor weapon, which the Bundeswehr calls the MATADOR, directly from a German manufacturer, newspaper reported.


The anti-tank mines, meanwhile, apparently come from Bundeswehr stocks.

The modern MATADOR (Wirkmittel 90) weapon uses a 90mm warhead, being operable from very short range (20m) up to double the current combat effective range of comparable weapons, reaching up to 1,200 meters.

RGW 90 MATADOR anti-tank weapon system. Photo by Jonas Weber

The DM22 is one of the latest versions of the German PARM off-route mine that fires small fin-stabilized rockets.

PARM off-route mine

The mine is mounted on a small tripod, allowing it to be traversed through 360 degrees, elevated to 90 degrees and depressed to −45 degrees. The mine is manually emplaced, and incorporates an arming delay of five minutes. It can be detonated either by command or by a fibre optic trigger cable, which triggers the mine when it is crushed.

DM31 anti-tank mine. Photo by Sebastian Wilke

The DM31 is an anti-tank mine that uses electronic fuzes. The mine is circular, with a large Misznay Schardin effect warhead in the center of the mine, with the fuzing and sensor electronics located in the dead space above the main charge.

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