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USSOCOM Publishes Intent to Purchase SIG Rattlers as Personal Defense Weapons

USSOCOM Publishes Intent to Purchase SIG Rattlers as Personal Defense Weapons

The United States Special Operations Command has published an intent to award a sole source IDIQ contract for Personal Defense Weapons to SIG SAUER.

The goal of the program is to provide Operators with maximum firepower in a concealable weapon and they have selected the Rattler, a compact version of SIG’s MCX after having conducted ongoing research and review of viable solutions since 2017.

According to the notice of intent, the IDIQ will provide complete PDW weapons (5.56mm and .300 Blackout caliber) that include suppressors (SIG SL series), cleaning kits, magazines, quick barrel change kits and force on force training kits. Furthermore, parts, sustainment, and New Equipment Training will also be part of this IDIQ.

In 2018 USSOCOM awarded SIG SAUER a contract for the Suppressed Upper Receiver Group program which is also based on the MCX. While the PDW contract will deliver complete weapons, SURG is a SOF unique specialized upper receiver which is attached to the M4A1 lower receiver.

After refinement of the design in conjunction with USSOCOM, SIG began delivering SURG last fall. In these images of SURG the version that won the contract includes a mesh cage around the suppressor but was delivered in the low-profile variant shown detached from the M4A1.

SIG CEO Ron Cohen recently shared in an interview the work they have accomplished to reduce the amount of toxic fumes shooters are exposed to while firing suppressed weapons. He explained that the M4 unsuppressed is 100 parts per million at the shooter while the Mk 18 exposes the shooter to four times the amount of an unsuppressed M4. SURG exposes the shooter to less than an unsuppressed M4.

There will be a short comment period for the Notice of Intent to award the sole source contract for PDWs. After that, the contract will be awarded.

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