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Multi Weapon Aiming Device from MATBOCK

Multi Weapon Aiming Device from MATBOCK

MATBOCK has finished the development of their Multi Weapon Aiming Device (MWAD), which was designed to shorten the kill chain for end users of indirect fire weapons, initially 40mm and 60mm platforms. Full system testing was completed on current operational weapon systems such as the M320, MK19, and M224 60mm mortar systems. MATBOCK is testing and evaluating recent updates to ballistics on 81mm and 120mm mortars in addition to other crew served weapons (CSW) which have been traditionally used solely as direct fire weapons systems.  Through end user input and testing MATBOCK has learned there is a significant use case for CSW platforms for “plunging fire” applications on systems such as the M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun.

Here is a brief Targeting Overview video:

The MWAD is a multi-platform capable ballistic computer that digitally displays range and azimuth for indirect fire weapon systems. The MWAD provides real-time ballistic solutions that account for environmental conditions, round type, platform, and lot deviations.  This allows the user to put rounds on target with superior accuracy and faster than legacy aiming systems. Full integration into ATAK architecture allows direct input and receipt of call for fire missions, enhances situational awareness by broadcasting point of aim for entire teams, and enables accurate engagement and first round hits on moving targets. Software modifications can be made on request to include any direct fire weapons system.

• Simple manipulation with gloves and at night
• More rounds on target faster without the guesswork
• Integrates directly into ATAK
• Waterproof & shockproof
• ATAK device not included
• ATAK software provided via .apk file on delivery

How to use
• Mount the MWAD (In a garrison environment similar to zeroing a optic)
• Calibrate the system
• Select the weapon system on device; ie 320
• Select the ammunition being used; ie HEDP
• Raise the weapon system and engage targets.
• Target destroyed

For more information about the MWAD checkout:

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