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Ukrainian troops ambush convoy of Russian elite soldiers

Ukrainian Soldiers destroy a convoy of Russian BMD light tracked armored vehicles with an improvised explosive device set up on a stretch of road.

The Ukrainian military said the attack was carried out by members of the 80th Airmobile Brigade of the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces (DShV) in the eastern region of Donetsk Oblast.

“You are watching how the infantry fighting vehicle of the enemy airborne forces is disposed of on the sacred Ukrainian land,” the military said in a Facebook post.


The footage shows a convoy of Russian BMD light-tracked armored vehicles of Russia’s airborne forces, the VDV, winding along the road before one of the vehicles was explosives destruction.

The Russian 45,000-strong VDV, which mostly consists of professional contract soldiers who have elite status, are assigned to the most demanding operations.

The Ukrainian military did not state where or when the strike took place.

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