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Ukrainian military receives delivery of British multi-role armoured vehicles

Ukrainian military reportedly received an initial batch of British multi-role armoured vehicles, called the 6×6 Vector PPV (Protected Patrol Vehicle).

According to some reports, the Ukrainian Armed Forces received its first batch of Vector PPV vehicles from the UK which can be used as a reconnaissance or patrol vehicles.

The 6×6 Vector PPV is an armoured version of Pinzgauer all-terrain military utility vehicles manufactured by BAE Systems.


The Vector PPV is based on Pinzgauer 718 chassis and has a new armored hull. It is believed that this vehicle has a maximum level of protection for its weight class. Kevlar armor is widely used. It also has a Kevlar floor and laminated armored glass.

The Vector is also fitted with a jamming device, that counters the threat posed by radio-controlled improvised explosive devices. Enhanced ballistic protection and additional protection kit for the windows were optional.

Vehicle multi-role armoured vehicle has a payload capacity of 1 600 kg. The Vector has a crew of two and can carry 4 fully-equipped troops. This vehicle was specially developed for 8-hour patrol missions.

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