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New aircraft carrier launches in China

Chinese Navy’s Type-033 aircraft carrier, named Fujian, was launched on June 17 at Shanghai’s Jiangnan Shipyard.

The Fujian is the largest and most capable aircraft carrier in the Chinese Navy’s fleet to date.

The Type 003 aircraft carrier is a second-generation Chinese aircraft carrier under outfitting for the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) of China.


According to the Naval News, the Type-003 is comparable in size to the U.S. Navy’s Nimitz and Ford classes. And it’s design is similar in many ways. At the same time, it is an evolution of the first two Chinese Navy (PLAN) carriers.  These were built on Soviet technology.

The new aircraft carrier is expected to use integrated electric propulsion (IEP) and electromagnetic catapults, whereas preceding Chinese carriers were conventionally powered and launched aircraft with ski jumps.

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