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Wreckage of Russian cruise missile found in Ukraine

The wreckage of a modern Russian cruise missile was found in the Vinnytsia region, Ukraine.

According to a local media report, the debris of the cruise missile was discovered by a forestry ranger near the military base in Havryshivka.

The Ukrainian Air Force said in a release that it was a long-range Kalibr cruise missile.


The city of Vinnytsia is home to the Ukrainian Air Force headquarters. Several places in the area in May saw heavy missile strikes, and a number of military facilities were damaged. Apparently, this is one of the Russian Kalibr cruise missiles shot down on May 21.

The Kalibr is a shipping container-deployed cruise missile. It has an estimated range of somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 kilometers and is today a focal point of the Russian Navy’s ground-strike capabilities.

The deadly Russian missiles, designed to penetrate the air defenses of stationary ground targets, fly autonomously and largely horizontally at low altitudes, along with preprogrammed waypoints. Their route can be updated mid-course via satellite communication.

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